Lay-out studies

The lay-out of an investment objective is very important for everybody. The success of a business and the tranquillity of a home can depend on choosing the right location.

We can offer you identification and analysis services of the possible investment area according to the criteria indicated by you. The criteria may be as varied as possible, such as: distance to a road, distance to a source of water, distance to the forest, criteria of minimum/maximum surface, forms of landscape, etc.

The data are presented in a very attractive and easy way, analogically and digitally, thus offering you all the data you need for an optimum decision.

List of services

  • Cadastral Services
  • Execution assistance (sites)
  • Site plans
  • Lay-out studies
  • GPS measurements
  • Volumes calculation
  • Surveillance of the evolution in time of the buildings and lands
  • Structures/frontages mappings
  • 3D scanning