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Tax Clearance Certificate

The tax clearance certificate is a document on file without which a cadastral documentation cannot be drafted.

The tax clearance certificate is issued by the City Halls – Directorate for Taxes and Duties where the real estate is located, where all the taxes and duties related to the real estate were paid.

The tax clearance certificate is issued upon submitting the following documents:

  • Copy of the tax register statement
  • Standard application
  • Registration fee, fiscal stamps

A tax clearance certificate cannot be issued without obtaining the tax registration for the owned house or land. For a piece of land the tax registration is simpler and usually for a building the following documents are necessary:

  • Sale-purchase agreement for the land, original and one copy;
  • Building permit, original and one copy;
  • Acceptance report for completing the works, original and one copy;
  • Standard statement;

The Tax Clearance Certificate is valid for 30 days.