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Technical / Legal Consulting

Do not count only on the word of the owner or real-estate agent!

Before the acquisition of any real-estate, either land or building, before investing in farms, agricultural lands, buildings, consult the specialists as well.

The jurists, the evaluators, the cadastre specialists can offer you the most complex information concerning a real-estate.

The topographers may accurately identify the real-estate; they can give you information relating to the possibilities of erecting new constructions on that land or relating to the on-going or envisaged projects. They can give you information concerning the use of the land under optimum conditions or they can give you information in relation to the possibilities of division into lots, unification or removal of land from agricultural classification.

The jurists can give you information relating to the legal status of the real-estates, they can guide you concerning the notarized documents necessary for the sale/purchase of some real-estates, or in relation to the documents, approvals, documentations which are necessary to start some activities or investments.

The evaluators shall provide information relating to the real-estate average price, the taxable value of the real estate as well as explanatory data about the constructions. They can draft the evaluation documentations necessary for the banks, for the National Agency for Fiscal Administration and other state authorities.

Our team of specialists is ready to offer you detailed and correct information about the purchased real-estates or real-estates to be purchased, about the opportunities of investment in the Western part of Romania, or about the purchase/sale of any real-estate.

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